Cloud Security Consulting

IMSEC is mainly one person, and he holds a Dr., CISSP and LPIC-2 certificates. His current main engagement is in the medical sector, but he has worked for finance, industry, and public administration.

Cloud security means configuring someone else's computer to keep your data safe. That can be done. You might want to retain an additional copy. You might want to have a second cloud location, or instance, or provider, maybe synched with your first one. All possible.

You might also want to know who is accessing your data (not the permissions - that's obvious - but who in fact does access it). That can be done if the provider plays along. And you might want to be alarmed of undesired effects.

Or you might be happy with just having a service compliant to common practices - which we can do, too, and provide confirmation for.

The service is therefore mostly technical, with strong support for organizational issues and decent legal knowledge.

IMSEC GmbH, Sonnhaldenstrasse 87, CH 6331 Hünenberg, +41 79 358 70 21,